Friday, July 27, 2012

Watching : Master Chef vs Hell's Kitchen on FOX


I became an avid fan of MasterChef, the cooking reality TV show on FOX, when i started rooting for one of the competitors in Season 3 - a blind lady from Houston. Christine Ha is now one of the final 7 contestants remaining in the show. It blows my mind how she manages to cook, much less come up with amazing looking (and i bet, delicious) dishes all the time.

And not to mention i love watching Gordon Ramsay on this show. He is mostly constructive with his criticisms for the competing home cooks. This is in stark contrast to the other cooking reality TV show, Hell's Kitchen, where there's too much cussing, too much drama and too much bitching for my liking.

Also, MasterChef presents different challenges each night. I like the Mystery Boxes, where the competitors each get a box of unknown contents. One night they got Paula Deen in the Mystery Box and the challenge was to use Southern ingredients to come up with their best dish! On another night, they each got an aquarium of live prawns. It's amazing how many different things you can whip up with the same ingredients! I love the creativity of some of these contestants!

Still, as the two shows are back to back on Monday and Tuesday nights, I sit through both shows religiously every Monday and Tuesday night! And i NEVER watch TV!! This has got me hooked!


  1. A blind lady who cooks? I'm so ashamed! I really dislike Hell's Kitchen. I feel so stressed just watching it. Must be much worse for the contestants.

  2. I always hear great things about Hell's Kitchen. I still really like watching Iron Chef and Top Chef though :)


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