Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watching : The Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony

Did you watch the opening ceremony last night? I loved it and was undeniably impressed. Well, the English has much to show for. From English literature classics to the British music through the ages to iconic silverscreen actors and characters, the possibilities were endless. But they chose well!

My favorite moments :

A sky full of Mary Poppins descended...

Queen Elizabeth (stunt double) jumped out of the helicopter

Mr. Bean's appearance!

Trampoline hospital beds! FUN!

The Olympic Rings of Fire!

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And of course, when Team Singapore was up, I was cheering them on! *waves excitedly*

I hope you caught it too!


  1. I thought it was wonderful, superb, marvelously done.

  2. Made me very proud to be British!

  3. I enjoed it a lot. Mr Bean was hilarious--I laughed so hard! Yes, I agree-they did a great job!

  4. i loved it! my favorite part was the children having nightmares and getting to see all of the storybook villians :) also, the rings were absolutely amazing!

    xo brie

  5. Yes! I had such a good time watching! I love when Daniel Craig escorted the Queen and you could see her adorable Corgis! And of course, I LOVED seeing Mr. Bean! I didn't even expect to see him there, which made it that much better!


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