Friday, July 20, 2012

The face I miss...

This was taken on our trip to Cebu, Philippines a few years ago,
with a bottle of local rum in my hands. Oh yeah!

So this is Day 11.

J and I have been chatting on Skype almost everyday. Sometimes we miss each other on Skype because he is 12 hours ahead. So i'm in bed by the time he is online. But we manage to talk pretty frequently.

He is in Bohol, Philippines. Before he left, I tried to get him into my work to get some travel shots (at least just a tetanus shot!), or just some medication to take with him. Two hours before his appointment, he cancelled on me, and i was FUMING MAD. He just doesn't believe in vaccinations.

So with a heart heavy, I say a little prayer every day, hoping he'll be safe and sound until he returns.

But already, he has ...

1. eaten a local fare called balut (OH-EM-GEE!) do you dare eat this? according to him, it just tastes like egg.

2. rented a scooter and fell while riding it.

3. stepped on a sea urchin in the sea.

One day during our Skype conversation, I said "I TOLD YOU SO". But he had anticipated my response and had hit the 'Mute' button so he didn't have to hear me say it.

"Say what?"

Cheeky bugger.

I'm halfway through and hanging in there. Now he tells me he's going to take a short flight to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. The nurses at work scare me with malaria stories. Thanks J! I just need one more thing to worry about.


  1. Such a sweet shot of you two!! I hope that his travels are safe and times passes by quickly!

  2. Aw, well I hope he continues to have safe travels! I myself will be going to the Philippines soon. August 8th to be exact! So crazy he's wearing an ECU shirt! Only an hour from my hometown. Small world, eh?

    Ew, I hate balut...hahahah but the rest of my family loves it!

  3. When hubs used to go away for his reservist, my kids were still little and I would cry every time he went away. I think I mostly cried because I had to deal with the kids on my own. It was very hard. As my kids grew older, it got better. Once I did so well I did not shed a single tear or write any long complaining emails to him. He was quite disappointed!

    Your J is a big boy. He can take care of himself!

  4. don't worry honey! :) we lived in cambodia for 2 years! :) and survived! your honey will come home safe and sound! xx

  5. Aw! Well, thank goodness for Skype :)

  6. holy crap. I just clicked on that "balut" link and about barfed. how could he eat that?!!

  7. Sounds like your husband is quite adventurous! It's hard not to worry, I totally get it! But what can you do? Just be strong and hope for the best :)

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  9. ps. has anyone ever told you that J looks a bit like Harry Potter? Hope thats not offensive!!!

  10. Awww, well at least you're halfway though! Getting to the half is always the hardest, and at least you have skype - that must make it a bit easier.

  11. You made it as deep as you'll have to go into the forest--it's all gravy from here. Hopefully everything turns out well and lovely. (:

  12. Oh no! There's nothing like worryin' about your baby (especially while missing him)! I'm not the biggest on vaccines either, but I probably would feel better if I did them for a place like the Philippines!

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  14. lol, awww. i'm sure he'll be fine.

    i can't believe he ate balut though!!
    gah!!!! i'm filipino and it freaks
    me out too much to ever try. O_o

    my mom won't even eat it.


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