Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crafting: Reconstructed pillow case dress / top

So i bought a set of two striped pillow cases from Goodwill one day, because I was going to attempt the Little Dresses for Africa charity, after procrastinating for such a long time. I first read it on Nana Glo's blog, Glo Sews and it seemed like such a simple project to attempt.

When i finally sat myself down to make the dress, i realized i didn't get any bias tape and I so wasn't in a mood to make them...

So I did a little free hand reconstruction on the pillow case to make myself a top instead!

I used a pattern for a ladies apron to cut out the neckline and armholes. When I cut the pieces out, they looked pretty promising as a mini dress, especially when I loved the stripes so!


Alas, when i sewed the shoulder and side seams together, and tentatively tried it on, I looked like I was wearing a feed sack! I was so amused I had to take a picture of myself in it!


So i took in some fabric at the armholes (too big!) and sewed three darts on the back and trimmed off the bottom to make it a long top, instead of a short dress. Much more presentable.


Here is another way I would somehow wear it.


And so, I present yet another one of my ghetto snip-and-sew RTW piece.


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  1. YES! I love it as a top with a belt! It looks amazing!

  2. Ha ha I've made a few feed sacks for my girl before. Do you use a serger for the raw edging?

  3. Wow! What a great idea. You're so creative! Love it!

  4. Cute...best look, I vote, with black shorts. Yeah for making something out of another.

  5. so cute!! I am so jealous at how you are so crafty!!!

    1. Aww thanks! You can use one of your existing tops, fold it in half so the sleeves touch and then trace the outline onto a piece of fabric. Cut two of that , sew the shoulder and side seams together and you have a top! That's the easiest way i can think of! Very manageable too!

  6. Beautiful work, so professional and lovely photoshoot! my favourite look is with the skinny belt, wow!


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