Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Color Run


Have you heard? The Color Run is coming to Charlotte. I signed up for the 5km run in November and it sounds like

1) a ton of training
2) a riot of colors
3) a lot of FUN!!

It's like India's Holi-Festival-of-colors-turned-fund-raiser.

What it is is a run/jog/walk that you sign up for. You can sign up as an individual, or a team of at least 4. My friends and I formed a team, and our team name - Your face, our Rear. :p

You start the race, wearing a completely white outfit. As you run the race, the volunteers, sponsors and event staff members on the sidelines will be color bombing the participants. In the first km, you'll be bombed with yellow, the 2km blue, 3km green, 4km PINK, and in the last kilometer is the "Color Extravaganza"! I'm glad they have the color Pink so late in the run. It'll be a good motivator for me and my girlfriends to get there! And thereafter, finishing the last km will be easier.

Who am I kidding, I better get my butt off the couch and start training!

The Color Run is not limited to Charlotte, NC. It's all over the US and if you haven't heard of it, check out their website, and sign up now before they're sold out!


  1. I SO want to do this. It has been all over the blog world, and looks just like my kind of run!

  2. Sounds like a nightmare for someone with sensitive eyes and nose. (me) I am going for a run next weekend. It's only 3km. I've only run 2.6km in my morning jogs. So I may have to crawl the last 0.4km.

  3. Fun color run...not for me...but very colorful for the participants.


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