Monday, June 18, 2012

Birding: Our Pride and Joy


So, a week after taking these birds in, they're still alive and well! They've grown out most of their feathers now, but they have very fine, cute tufts of feathers sticking out the sides of their heads which make them look so adorable. If you look at the picture here you will see how they have grown!

But my, are they LOUD. With each day, their chirps grow stronger and shriller. Every feeding, as I pop my head over their box, they start chirruping in anticipation of food.

I read on some website that starling babies need food that's high in protein and fat, and they recommend cat / dog dry food. So I have been feeding them cat food, pre-soaked in water to soften, and then mashed into pulp. Then I use a pair of chopsticks to feed the mashed up cat food down their throats. In the beginning, I was so afraid they wouldn't be able to swallow their food. Even though i mashed the food up into really soft pulp, they would reach with their necks stretched out, beaks wide open so i could shove food down their throats. It was a little worrying to feed them like this, and it's a miracle they haven't choked, but I guess that's just how little birdies eat!

Over the week, we have gotten to know each birdie a little better. There is a pecking order (pun not intended) even amongst these three. There are two bigger birds who grew faster and stronger. Then there's our little baby, we call it 'Little Runt'. The two bigger birds bully Little Runt during feeding times. They step on her to make sure she doesn't stretch upwards to compete for food. But Little Runt is content to let them trample all over her! J and I make sure she gets enough to eat though.

We have since moved them to a bigger box, but they continue to grow bigger every day. I'm glad we are able to care for them. I don't know what we are going to do, but we'll take things one step at a time.


  1. You are lucky to take care little birds! It's a blessing :)

  2. You do realise the birds think YOU'RE their mama.

  3. glad they are still alive and kicking!!

  4. That's so nice of you to help the birds, I hope they do well and best of luck for the sweeties.

  5. Aww you're such a nice person. You should google about how starlings came to be in America, it's an interesting story, but not cool since they're an invasive species that have done a lot of damage in North America. Cute little buggers, though! Are you going to name them?

  6. aww, your bird-parenting abilities are admiring! You're going great as a surrogate mom! Keep it up, I know they'll be healthy and grow up fine :) x


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