Tuesday, June 12, 2012

News from the garden: Our garden spilleth over

Did somebody say spill?

I meant surprise, tangle and overtake!


Hmm... When did they grow so big?
By the way, I was in the picture just for perspective.


So this is the "sandbox" that J and his friends built. He filled it with mulch and dirt and planted around 19 squash plants. We have the regular yellow squash, zucchini and scalloped squash. They're all starting to bear fruit! Yummy!!!


  1. Holy cow! What are you going to do with all those yummy veggies? And that garden is bigger than you are!

  2. Wowee. You've got a whole summer of dinners right there! I'm plugging along with my little CSA crop that I get every week.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful garden! How are your little birds? It reminds me of my first year in the states--we found a small baby bird under a tree... We took it and tried to keep it alive...but it died 2 days later. I was so sad... even cried...
    Thank you for commenting on my necklace. Let me make one for you in exchange for one of your makeup bags. Deal?

  4. What a beautiful garden. I guess many products are coming off of that...not just leaves. So pretty. Mary


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