Monday, March 7, 2011

Penny Saver Tip #1: Easy Snips

Made a hair appointment for the boy to go have his hair cut, and was sitting on the fence about getting a cut myself... While the J-man was getting his hair styled, I had half a mind to get our stylist to give me a quick trim. Alas, two ladies showed up just as I was about to open my mouth - they had appointments with our stylist too. So reluctantly i left the salon with J looking like a million dollars, and I, a frump.

I was mostly disgruntled with my fringe which was more than an inch over my eyes. I usually sweep it aside to keep it off my face, showing off the patch of unsightly high forehead above my eyes.

Frustrated, and in a spur of the moment, I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped off the excess hair covering my eyes.

Minutes later...


Yay! $20 saved! Ka-ching!!!

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