Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thrifting: Book Buyers


Bought the books for 2USD a piece.

So glad I found this gem in the heart of Charlotte, NC. I have always been a terrible book hoarder, buying from Borders, warehouse sales and wherever I chance upon them. Now that I have to watch my spending more closely, buying books is a luxury that I should be doing without. I have been very good, making frequent visits to the library ever since. However, when I found this place, I was ecstatic! This spacious store is well stocked with shelves and shelves of secondhand books, all in very good condition. It is possibly one of the largest used books store I've ever come across.

Book Buyers
1308-F The Plaza
Charlotte NC 28205
Phone: (704) 344-8611
Operating hours:
M-S 10am-8pm
Sun 12-6pm

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