Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrifting: Blue Bird Circle Resale Shop

A trip to Houston yielded fantastic finds!

ralph lauren2

Ralph Lauren Polkadot Knitwear @ $12.00

Agreed. It is a little overpriced as far as thrifting goes. That said, the quality was top notch. It was 'gently used' and to my standards, hardly used. And I had a budget, along with the other items I bought, I remained within budget. All in all, a very good buy. Considering I could match it with this.

nautical skirt

Which was my 2nd pick from the store for $8.40. It was an interesting piece with prints of blue ribbons and chain links.

Another pick of the day:

Liz Clairborne Navy-white Striped shirt

A Liz Claiborne Striped top that was brand new with the tag still on it!
A great steal for only $8.oo

Flats again! My absolute favourite type of shoes.

Amanda Smith Flats

For an awesome discounted price of $5.60

Another piece I picked out was a Lucky Brand long sleeved brown top. I fell in love with its softness and flared sleeves. It is definitely a top I can lounge around in, pairing it off with a camisole because of its wide drooping neckline.

lucky brand slouchy top

It had cost me only $11.00 given the almost new condition it was in. I love wearing it!

Now, the best part about this whole shopping experience was that when I tried on all the pieces in the dressing room, I realised I could mix and match all the pieces! I hadn't realised, but they all had shades of blue or brown or white. As a result, not only had I picked out 5 separate pieces, but i also gained about 3 different sets of outfits!

Definitely a MegaSCORE!

You'll have to check out this one if you are ever in Houston.

Blue Bird Circle
615 W. Alabama
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-528-0470

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