Wednesday, March 9, 2011

City girl cries for her city bicycle

If only i could still ride to work every day, or ride just about anywhere.
I remember riding all around the streets of Shanghai, especially on weekends, to the Bund, to Changfeng (?) Park, to the Old town which was miles and miles away. What adventures!

Suit Over Brooklyn Bike Lane Challenges City Initiative

Even though i must agree, a two-way bike lane sounds a little extravagant, especially if they have to share it with cars. So how about we eradicate traffic lanes altogether and surrender completely to bicycles? i don't see the downside of workout-inducing, non-polluting transportation in a city. Eliminate private cars and install only public transportation 好吗?Ok so then we get exposed to the weather conditions. But then how do the 3/4 of a billion other Chinese do it?

Ride in style! Like this

and embrace the elements of nature. Even the Helsinki men do it!

All images via Riding Pretty

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