Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Happening!

the Great Backyard Bird Count begins. Actually it has already begun. I'm in my 2nd day of counting and i just spotted a new bird this morning!

all because I got up earlier than ever *pats on back*

the Brown headed Cowbird via Whidbey Audubon Society

I was a little upset to find out that these birds are what they call "brood parasites" -- their young are raised by "foster parents" because the females lay their eggs in nests of other species. However, studies have shown that the long term and large scale impacts of brood parasitism are relatively minor. So no love lost!

I have spotted a total of 14 species in my backyard to date. And guess what? I think i can now tell the house finches and the purple finches, both the males and the females, apart!!!


Oh and when the squirrels come out, I set Daisy on them, so they leave the feeders to the birdies. A little unfair i know, but the squirrels have fattened themselves quite a bit for so long now. Leave this weekend to the birds!!! *shakes fists*

I found another website where you can submit your observation lists any day of the year, so i can continue my birdwatching even after the weekend. Check out eBird.

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