Thursday, September 22, 2011

A, You're Adorable, B, You're So Beautiful

Following Erika of a tiny rocket, here is my A-Z (just like the memes of old days). I did edit some of the questions, so feel free to change it as you like! Who wants to do this next? Drop me a note so i can come read it too!!


A. Age: 29 (GASP the big 3-0 next year!)

B. Birthplace: Singapore, but also lived in China, and now North Carolina

C. Chore you hate: Vacuuming the carpets.. now if the vacuum cleaner was less chunky and'd be a different story.

D. Dogs: A 12 yr old half deaf and almost blind boston terrier named Betty Boops. Most of the days, we call her Boopses. We also have a little 2yr old Foxton named Daisy, who thinks she's a gazelle most of the time. And a non-doggie pet bearded dragon named Don Vito, who scares the living shits out of the dogs. He rules.


E. Essential start to your day: Coffee and Checking emails BAD BAD BAD

F. Favorite Color: I LOVE THEM ALL! but i tend to steer towards bright yellows, pinks and purples, or dark browns and blues and greens (wait, that's almost ALL the colors! *tsk tsk*)

G. Gorges on: hershey's cookies and cream chocolate bar

H. Hoards: Fabric and books!

I. Instruments you play: Piano and guitar

J. Job Title: Children's museum Education Presenter

K. Kicks: my New Balances for work, and my boots and espadrilles for other occasions.

L. Last read: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

M. Music all-time fave: the Beatles


N. Nicknames: chewy, chews, chew-chew (yikes, really???)

O. Ostentatious buys: when i was a poor student, an Anna Sui bracelet! and the last one that i can remember, a Chloe Dao dress.

P. Phobias: the zipper (yes it's back!), heights, claustrophobia!

Q. Quote of the day: “Laughter is the best medicine" (actually that's one motto i live by)

R. Random fact: i am VERY stubborn. je suis tĂȘtu ( i just learnt that!)

S. Siblings: 3 younger sisters... who happen to be a set of triplets!

T. Things that tick me off: parents who don't teach their children manners

U. Underwear: I like boy shorts.

V. Vegetables you hate: Potatoes (with the exception of fries and chips. everything else is too starchy) I love everything else, even okra.

W. Word of the day: CURMUDGEON (now it's your job to go check it up!)

X. X-rays you have: general checkups i took yearly in china. so that makes 4?

Y. Yummy food that you make: I just tried out the J-man's grandma's cauliflower soup recipe!! it was AWESOME! post to follow!

Z. Zoo animals: I love the elephants and giraffes, penguins, baby animals and birds like owls and flamingoes


And to tie in with the museum's theme in September "ABCs and 123s", here's one of my favorite Perry Como songs done by Sesame Street. Can it ever get better than this???


  1. Our list of similarities is growing! I, too, am turning 30 (in December). I, too, am obsessed with The Beatles. I, too, play the piano.

    Dang. Don't go anywhere until I can move down there!

  2. This is fun! How crazy that you have triplets for sisters! And I am super jealous of your job!

  3. HAHA so much fun :) Singapore- is so one of my favorite places I was just there in May. In fact me and hubs have a little lunch date planed at a Singapore restaurant because we do love the laksa :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE potatoes! Haha and I also love vacuuming! Haha

    Just wanted you to know I awarded you a little something on my blog! Check out my newest post to find out what :]

    Simply, Melissa Ashley

  5. Such a fun post! I've done this last time it went around and had so much fun coming up with the answers :) If you like you can read my post here:



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