Wednesday, September 7, 2011

News from the garden: Feeding the goldfinches...


with fresh sunflower seeds!

As i drink my coffee in the mornings, I watch the little finches perch and nibble at the flowers. I didn't know a single sunflower plant could yield so many blooms! I think our sunflower variety is the smaller kind, i would have preferred big big blooms. It's amazing how plants support themselves upright. This one must have an extensive underground network of roots! I feel like it is about to topple any moment, but every morning it never fails to surprise me that it is STILL standing!

 In other news,


our fall garden is in the works. There are plans for 3 types of broccoli, more squash, cauliflower, bak choy and more. We also bought a big tub for growing carrots. The North Carolina soil (aka red clay) hardens too easily for the carrots to grow. Our potatoes were TEENY this summer, so we decided to try growing the carrots a different way.

 Let's see how the fall garden takes off!

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  1. Your flowers are so pretty! I planted my fall carrots in the greenhouse so hopefully they won't freeze to death. That's all I've planted so far, broccoli does sound good though. Tulip planting time will be here soon, I can't wait, tulips are my favorite!


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