Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Found: What to look forward to in the fall!

1. Halloween!!

2. Long socks, scarves and boots

3. Soups and broths

4. Blue Ridge Parkway and its changing colors

5. Bonfires!

This week the temperatures dipped. I pulled out my knitted hoodies and long socks. I can't wait to do a wardrobe overhaul! What are you looking forward to this fall???


  1. Ahh how I needed this. Sometimes I get a little upset by fall. I hope that next year I'll be able to enjoy those last two! We certainly don't have them here in NY!

  2. good morning, dear! i found the podcast :) it was an npr radio lab feature - here's the link!


    have a lovely day xoxo

  3. i also can't wait to wear long socks and boots!!! :D

  4. autumn is my very favorite season! i love it for all of the reasons you've mentioned here. also, layering - i love the opportunity to wear more of my favorite things at once. :)


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