Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My very first (Ahlara) Art Fair

Picture 1

So this is the reason why I have been neglecting the blog lately.


I have been spending every waking moment matching and cutting fabric, measuring, sewing, unpicking, you name it! Still production has been slow, the best i've managed was 6 pouches in a day!


When my blogger friend Jane claimed that she always aims to have at least 100 items ready for a fair, I nearly fell off my chair. To be fair, though, she is very experienced and have done this for awhile, so I am a little less stressed. (Wait! I think i can say this in French "Je suis très stressé!") Nevertheless, up to this day, I have slightly less than 50 items for sale and I have about 2 weeks. So i think I'm doing ok?

Anyway, I'm super excited for my very first craft fair and I'm hoping (crossing all my fingers) for a beautiful sunny day! I know not to set my expectations too high, and most of my friends (who are from work anyway) will probably be AT work, so i'm not expecting to see too many familiar faces...*scary*

I still have to find a way to coerce the J-man into coming to the fair with. I need some emotional support!!!

Still other news, I have a better paying job lined up for me, but it's a completely different ball game from being a museum presenter. The perk is it will eventually turn into a full-time position with health benefits. Normally, i would have turned it down without a second thought, but recently J and I have decided to move out. We found a very good deal on a house for rent. A HOUSE! not an apartment! It's 5 miles from the new job and just a mile away from the museum!! I figured i could still work at the museum during the weekends if i needed to make ends meet. Think about all the gas we'll be saving!! We'll be signing the papers on Friday, so... a lot of excitement on this end.



  1. Wow! big changes for you! It will be so nice to have more space with the house and I know how important it is to have health benefits in the States (my sister lives in California), I am sure you will be missed at the museum. Your craft fair goodies are amazing. I use your pouch every day and love it.

  2. Just for the record - I've never been able to achieve 100 items. It's your first fair - call everyone you know to drop by. Make them buy from you. hahahaha You only get to do this once. All the best.

  3. How exciting for you. I would be excited and nervous too! Everyone is going to love your creations. Wish I lived close enough to come, I love that striped bag! Relax and have a ball and take lots of pictures!

  4. Yay! I love moving into new homes because that means decorating and organizing! (That's what I'm in the process of right now) Just getting RID of stuff and actually attempting to not live like a college student haha

    But good look at the fair! Wish I could make it. I'm crossing my fingers I win your giveaway so I can have some of your lovely items! Have a great weekend!

  5. you are so crafty and creative! thanks for following my other blog at traveling triplets - what fun you are! :)


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