Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pandora opens the (music) box

Hello my crafty friends,

I was reading Jenny Hart (of Sublime Stitching)'s email when she mentioned that she created some playlists to share via Spotify. These are some songs that she listens to while she embroiders and that made me want to find out:

what do YOU listen to when you are crafting?!

I keep all my music on an external hard drive, so i have to plug that into my laptop whenever i want to listen to music. Sometimes, my work desk is so cluttered with sewing stuff that i have no room to accommodate even that tiny slice of hard drive. As a result, there was a lengthy period of time when i crafted without music *GASP*

...that is until i discovered Pandora. Ta-daa!!! My saviour!!! Pandora streams music and plays them back to back, occasionally peppering ads in between songs. I can handle that.

But wait. there's more!

The best thing about Pandora, is that it detects your favorite music, especially if you login with FB and if your FB profile already specifies what type of music you like. It's kinda like Genius on iTunes. If you don't like a certain song, you click on the 'thumbs down' button. Likewise, for songs you like you click on 'thumbs up". That way, it helps the program narrow down the music genres and play only songs and artists you love! Now is that smart or what???

So, please check out if you haven't already (although i know i'm probably a few years, alright, fine... 10 years too slow!) and i think it only works when you are in the US? that i'm not too sure. but check it out anyway.

So. back to my question,

what did you listen to today while working / crafting / hanging out ??


  1. I'm actually a lover of spotify...sometimes I feel like Pandora just doesn't know exactly what I want to listen to, but I've found Spotify is pretty good with their artist stations.

    Today I listed to my "chill music" playlist, which was a lot of Death Cab for Cutie & Postal Service :)

  2. I love spotify and pandora! I usually listen to my Ipod when I sew. It has all my favorites, everything from 60's hard rock to some country to pop from today! I really do like Pandora and listen to it often, have several channels!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. I signed up for Spotify but I haven't used it yet. I usually just play random stuff from iTunes. Sometimes I use Grooveshark. When I posts projects on my blog, I like to list what I was listening to while I made it.

  4. nothing! :) when i hear music i wanna sing along and get up and dance. so i get so distracted. now i craft in silence!! xx


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