Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rock the Style: I'm a Vans Fan!

I bought my first pair of Vans when I was 14 as part of our *ahem* cheerleading outfit. *cough cough splutter splutter*

Those were some good ol' days. Our cheer team was more into the rocker chic style than the typical cheer uniforms with cute pleated skirts. And our cheer captain dictated we buy Vans shoes to complete the look. I loved my black canvas ones, complete with chunky soles. Not the best choice, for it made climbing on the other girls tedious, and we were always bruised at the end of practices, but it was great street style.

Anyway, i am debating on getting myself a pair, so i can wear them to work, instead of wearing out my good hiking shoes...

Here are some cute ones I picked out... wouldn't they totally rock your socks? I know they would mine... *pun totally intended*

cedar women in navy 45
#1 Cedar, Women in Navy

woven buffalo plaid 52
#2 Woven Buffalo Plaid

hippie plaid estreet 47
#3 Hippie Plaid E-Street

striped palisades 40
#4 Striped Palisades

microdot 45
#5 Micro dot in Navy

What's your favorite?? I think I might get #3!


  1. I'm a Vans fan too! I especially love the floral ones and the "Striped Palisades" ones.

  2. I love #3 and #5! :) Lovely blog!

  3. Oh god!! I can't choose!! I like all! Can I have all five please?
    Wonderful blog!
    Have a nice day!!

  4. I like #2 and #4, but I also really like #1 and #3, soooo tough decision!

  5. Those Vans are so cute! I love the first pair. :)
    I used to be a Keds fan, and now I see the big trend these days is TOMS, which I too am a fan.

  6. Oh my goodness! I love them all, but I would wear that floral pair (#1) every day!! That's so cute that you had a "rocker" cheer team! I was a cheerleader too but we didn't have anything cool like Vans, hehe :)

  7. The plaid ones are my favourite <3 They are all so gorgeous though!

    Lost in the Haze

  8. I'm obsessed with polka dots. I'd have to go with #5, but let's be honest, I'd get all of them if I could!

  9. ahh! why didn't they have vans like this when i was in high school a few years ago? i had a pair of white with holographic magenta/violet v's on the side. i thought i was so cool.

    i love the 1st and last ones the best! maybe i'll get a pair myself. :D

    erica | sweets + hearts

  10. i got a pair of vans this past christmas; love them! i think the first and third are my favorite. maybe i'll get another pair :)

  11. Wow! How cute are they! Remind me of the oldschool keds.

  12. That first pair is headed my way as we speak :D

  13. I have some red striped vans slip ons that I love but they're kind of passed their prime. I love the floral pair and the pinstriped pair.


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