Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Dose of Summer Sunshine!


I haven't been posting much this week. Been busy with my summer camp at work with a bunch of adorable little 4 year old munchkins! Oh I do miss teaching classes!!! 7 boys and 1 girl! These 4 year olds are the most chatty, funny lil' pipsqueaks you'll ever meet. The tiniest (in size) little boy, JF, just turned 4 so he's still like a little baby compared to the others who are 4 going on 5! JF tries to eat glue and is the messiest little painter in the class. But he's super good at going to the potty even though i had to rush him to the bathroom twice this week. So proud of him!

There's also N, who's favorite color is yellow, so ALL his crafts are YELLOW. He's had a meltdown today because we went 'fishing' and he just couldn't catch any fishes. I work one on one with him quite a bit because he needs that help, and i thank my lucky stars i have not one, not two but THREE youth volunteers assisting me in the class! so 4 adults to 8 kids. A pretty good ratio huh?

And then there's D, the sweetest kid, who, at the beginning of the week, refused to smile or talk to me. But now whenever he does, he has the greatest grin albeit with one front tooth missing (but that makes it all the more endearing). And apparently, he keeps talking about me at home! (altogether now: awwwwwwww...)

Well! One more day of camp! Then i'll work through the weekend and leave for Cancun on Monday! Yay to beach holidaysssssssssss!!!

P.S. July's Good Cheer giveaway is up, don't forget to check it out!


  1. Aww little kids are so cute. Then they get older, and less cute. Have fun in Cancun!

  2. 4 adults to 8 kids is a ratio you won't find in Singapore. I interned at a child care centre once and it was 2 adults to 20 kids. If I weren't there, it would have been 1 adult to 20 kids.

  3. SOme of my fondest memories growing up was summer camp. the camp fires.. the camp songs. :)

    CANCUN! so jealous- so much fun!

  4. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your students. Have a lovely vacation in Cancun. We went in March, it was our first time to Cancun (we went to the Mayan R.) last time. Absolutely loved it! Be sure to post some photos!

  5. summer camp was so much fun when i was little, so many good memories! i'm glad you are enjoying it! and your going to cancun...major jealously...haha :)

  6. aww, at least you're having fun with the little kids! i used to tutor elementary school kids and enjoyed it too ^_^ kids are so cute!

  7. Love working at summer camps! Aren't kids just the cutest, inquisitive, and ACTIVE? Haha.
    Glad you're having so much fun at work. :)

  8. The little ones are so sweet and you never forget them. Congrats on your vacation to Cancun! Think of me while you're there:) Bet it'll be cooler there than it is in Raleigh...yikes! 102 today!

  9. Have a great time on your vacation!

  10. Aww, they sound so adorable! I always loved being a camp counselor :) Have an awesome time in Cancun!

  11. so fun! :) you should seriously think about teaching again!! you're a natural!!

    have a blast in cancun love! x


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