Tuesday, July 12, 2011

News from the garden: Bountiful Harvests

New harvests from the garden!

There's a pumpkin, lots of tomatoes, and an eggplant.

Then we have the Armenian cucumber.

The Chioggia is next!

We made a salad the other day with our cucumbers, tomatoes and store bought onions (need to grow these too), added a generous dash of ranch dressing and ooh-lala it was so so good! The J-man calls it his 'Ghetto Garden Salad' because it's so haphazardly put together.

Salads are so refreshing in the summer! LOVE!


  1. Whoa that's awesome! You can grow your own squashes and pumpkins? You are a gardening champion :) You will have such cute jack o' lanterns when Halloween comes!

  2. Yea for garden harvesting! Our garden isn't ready to be picked yet ... but hubs and I can't wait!

    Looks at those pumpkins ... they are beautiful!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  3. everything tastes better from a garden :) congrats on growing!

  4. i can't wait to have my own garden! your salad sounds delicious! you should try cucumber, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil with homemade vinaigrette - it's one of my favorite summer salads!

  5. Tehe, I love these!
    Who would think the fruit and veg can be made to look adorable ^_^

  6. @HazelandMare

    Thank you! Yes i'm eyeing that pumpkin for Halloween. But it might not last so long, we might eat it first!

  7. @Cat

    Thanks for dropping by! I hope you get your harvests soon! Fresh vegetables taste so much better!

  8. @Erika

    Thank you!! Fresh veggies really taste better! although they're smaller too!

  9. I love eggplants but for some reason most people don't like it esp kids. It's like "old people" food to them. The Armenian cucumber looks like bittergourd.

  10. i can't wait to have a garden someday soon!


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