Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fragrances of Yesteryear


I read this blog post about perfumes and fragrances over at The Cookie Button and was inspired to write about it too! Thinking about my favorite fragrances brought back so many memories... I would often associate my perfumes with images, some of them really random.

Like when I was a wee one, i would sneak into my mom's bedroom, look at her collection of fragrances, and try out my dad's cologne. Not that they had many, but my sense of smell was keener than the rest, and I loved the way my parents smelled. My mom had one in particular - Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel, which I loved! It always reminded me of my mom's old wind up music box. The kind that you keep your jewelry in. It had a tiny ballerina that would pop up and twirl around when you opened the box.

In my teenage years, I was gifted another fragrance from the same brand - Noa by Cacharel. I fell in love with the scent immediately, and I always pictured flowers and fairies in the forest.


Years later, my mother switched to Estee Lauder's Pleasures, which of course, then became my all time favorite, and I used it for the longest time into adulthood. I liked it so much, I actually bought and tried its varients Pleasures Bloom, Pleasures Intense, and Pleasures Exotic!

A friend bought me Hugo Boss' Woman. That heavy musky scent always made me feel like partying the night away... maybe it had to do with the color and design of the bottle, but I started wearing it whenever I went out at night. It's like.. my night scent.

Once upon a time, I had this crazy idea to start collecting perfume bottles, until I decided it might get a tad too expensive to pursue... (like my discontinued Barbie collection).

Today, only one bottle of perfume sit atop the bathroom counter. A gift from the J-man - Light Blue by D&G. I wasn't too hot about it when i first got it, but the scent grew on me. Now I use it everyday. All my other perfume bottles wait patiently on the other side of the world. Perhaps, I shall rescue them when I fly home this November.

So what is your favorite scent?


  1. I love Light Blue by D&G! It is one of my favorite current scents. The one that always reminds me of childhood days is Clinique Happy, hehe :)

  2. Pleasures exotic! That'll be my fav!
    I have a thing for Chanel Chance as well. But recently (maybe cos of summer ) ive been really loving coconut and pineapple and lychee ! So those are my daily happy anti smoke sprays!

  3. @HazelandMare

    Oh yes! I forgot about Happy! I love that one too!

  4. @teacher

    i'll try chanel chance when i go thru the airports this nov! i can't figure out if you're elisa or jiani since you both love elephants like me!

  5. Do try to rescue them! I've brought mine across the 'States in my check-in luggage by wrapping them in plastic bags, then with clothes, and then with more clothes. Also happened to transport a (pricy) bottle of wine that way, too, but instead of a plastic bag I put it in a FedEx bubble envelope.

    Personally, I vouch for Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, I really like that it's a light scent of flowers. I liked the Eau Fraiche version, too, but the Eau Tendre was terrific for me. One scent I really liked was a Balenciaga released last year, but I was trying not to buy anymore perfume. :x :x The other perfumes I like to use are Burberry Brit and the Sheer version, though I like the latter more for this weather, and the Brit itself when the temperatures are more crisp. I also liked what the company Jo Malone had to offer, so I got a bottle and the salesperson threw in three sample sized tubes of another type of perfume. Jo Malone's stuff you can layer, which I've done with no regrets, but you just have to try before you buy. ;)


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