Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to life, back to reality...

Ahh world,

I'm back!

I survived ONE WEEK of virtual silence. No computers, no internet connection, no blogging, no PHONE!

Do you find it really hard to get back into the rhythm of things after a nice relaxing holiday? I had been lazing around the whole day today trying to get things done, but not succeeding one bit!

I did some laundry, and ruined the J-man's new linen pants -- they shrunk and now they look like highwaters on him. I ruined his new polo shirt -- he got some soy sauce stains, and then i mistook the bleach for simple green (don't ask how). Long story short, i owed him two new pieces of clothing that i went out to get, but spent most of the day kefuffling around the mall...

When i spend a day so unproductively, i get really mad at myself.

Monday will be better. But for tomorrow, it's back to work. That'll help me settle in. Meanwhile, I hope I find that "feels good to get some stuff done" feeling soon!

I will post about Mexico in a bit. Let me just procrastinate the last of my vacation away...

erm... - giveaway here -

*flops back to bed*


  1. Ugh, coming back from vacation is the worst! I was visiting family for over a week in July, totally unplugged and swimming -- ahhh. I was so bitchy at work the week I returned.

  2. sounds like vacation blues! :) i ruin daniel's laundry all the time! *shrug* then i use them as scraps and it makes me soooo happy!



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