Sunday, July 3, 2011

Really useful tip: How to keep the creative juices flowing!

So everyone should make a list like this.

Found it here but traced the source back to here

I think #4 is one of my most effective ways to stay creative, productive and efficient. As i mentioned in a previous post keeping the computer away is VERY VERY helpful.

I'd like to add to the list:

#34 making music!

i play my guitar and sometimes, just strumming around i find new rhythms, new strumming patterns and new sequences. and then i jam. just by myself. but i feel so good after. :)

#35 take a walk

nature really inspires. i like to take hikes to look at the patterns Mother Nature creates -- the bark on the tree, the shapes of leaves, the colors of flowers, the light filtering through the trees.

#36 carry a camera wherever you go

or phone, but i don't have a snazzy phone with cool apps. I do have a decent digital camera that i've been playing around with. i love taking pictures of mushrooms found in the wild. Sometimes the pictures come out unexpected. Sometimes, i play around with picnik on flickr to get crazy effects. But take lots and lots of photos. Really.

What about you? Do you have any tips on how to stay creative?

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  1. Ha! I love that! Goodwill Hunting! I'll have to tell my Mom that one...she does a lot of it:)


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