Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I love it when people around me become sensitive about the things they say for fear of offending (coming from a different country, different culture and all). Just the other day, i interrupted a conversation between my boss and Lauren. I briefly caught a snippet of it and chirped, "So what's going on this weekend?"

My boss, B, turned around, uncertainty flickered across his face for a split second, before answering in absolute seriousness, "Oh Chewy, this weekend is our Independence Day, we call it the Fourth of July." I mean, absolute seriousness.

Lauren and I burst into laughter.

"Oh B, I think she knows what 4th of July is."

Thank you for treading so lightly on thin ice around me, but really, i do appreciate it. *chuckles*

And i went to the new Jo-Ann Fabrics in Mooresville yesterday!!! I didn't buy anything, just walked around the store and gaped and gawked (and drooled a little). They have a HUGE selection of fabrics!!!

racer shorts

But before I go, let me share a cute racer shorts for kids tutorial that I found over at Made. I shall attempt it, and make some cute shorts for the summer! LOVELOVELOVE!

Thank you for the tutorial Dana!!!


Getting ready for the fireworks tonight!!!
Have a good weekend! And here's a celebratory giveaway for you all!


  1. happy fourth of july weekend! hope it's great :)

  2. Thanks for the link!
    Happy 4th :)

  3. Happy 4th of July :) ! Super cute shorts!

  4. Fireworks! That's how 4th is celebrated. Is it done by the soldiers like in Singapore or can anyone just purchase fireworks and light them up?

  5. @jane p

    well, you can buy them but they're not very good ones. it depends on where you're at. we watched fireworks organized by the town, and they were pretty good!


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