Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fool's!!

Did you prank someone today?

My girls from the museum and I got together late last evening to prank our boss' (my ex-boss) office. It pays to live just around the corner so I'm always in on their plans.

Our boss-man Barrett is a non-nonsense, straight-face type of guy, at work at least. Sure, he'll come join us for a beer or two after work, but at the workplace, he's real serious.

We wanted to give his office a make-over because we decided he should lighten up. We wrapped everything, down to his name cards and umbrella. We hope he doesn't have an important meeting first thing in the morning today!



Dear Barrett, we hope you like the make-over...


It even has pictures of your favorite boy (bands)!


Your BFFs!


  1. lol, this is too funny! I wish I could do this to my boss. I tried pranking my mom but she already knew.

  2. Once in sec 1, my class pranked our form teacher. We jumped out of our class windows and hid below. We waited for her to enter the classroom. She came in saw the class was empty and left in a huff before we could even shout out Aprils' Fools Day. The class chairman went to get her back but she was so pissed she refused. We ended up with a free period but it was quite miserable. Another teacher came to tell us what bad girls we were! For quite long.

  3. Haha oh man, what a great idea! And the Bieber pictures are just the icing on the cake! How could anyone not have a good laugh after seeing this?

  4. That's hilarious!

    Lindsey Turner


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