Monday, March 26, 2012

Crafting: Spring inspiration

panoramic dandelions

It can only be spring.

How else would I explain how all my recent crafts are in decked out in happy splashes of rainbow colors?

My newest quilt

spring tote
Play tote for little girls

Geometric appliques

I love the warmer weather already!
What does spring inspire in you?


  1. Love the colors you are using for your spring projects! I'm still working on my cross-stitch Ukrainian eggs. Hope to finish them today...

  2. Very happy colours indeed. I like to use colours in my bags altho' I know it frightens some people. You know the ones who only carries black or brown bags.

  3. Oh my goodness, I am loving the colors in that quilt! Hooray for spring!

    PS I totally thought about you when I made my post today.....

  4. spring inspires bright colors and floral
    prints in my wardrobe (which are obvious
    ones, but still!). it also makes me reeeally
    want a spring-ish umbrella for some reason.

    happy springtime! :D



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