Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Music Concerts / Festivals Bucket List


Do you have a bucket list?

Well I do. I have a list of music festivals and concerts to go to in my life time. And I'm about to cross one off my list.

Dave Matthews Band is coming to Charlotte for ONE DAY in May, and I just bought tickets for them!!!! <3<3<3

Now I've listened to some of their "Live in Concert" CDs and man! These guys play a song FUR-EH-VER!!! See, they like to improvise and jam according to their mood, so sometimes you get an ultra long solo or an ending that never really wants to end. But I'm so thrilled to get tickets to see them. When I lived in Singapore, I always hoped that they would do an Asia tour. Who would have thought I'd move here and be closer to fulfilling some of my concert-going dreams!!!

Some others on the bucket list:

:: Kings of Leon ::

My very first concert in the US of A. Kings of Leon. They must have heard me scream my requests because they sang all my favorite songs! Then again, almost every one of their songs is my favorite. Especially "Use Somebody".

:: Bjork ::

When she was in China, she infamously ended her concert by chanting "Free Tibet" in her song "Declare Independence". Well, pretty apt for the song, but girl, you not going anywhere near the Great Wall in the next few life times.

:: Jason Mraz ::

Now this is one sexy man that can keep his beard and fedora. Watched him in Fuji Rock Festival 2008, where he whipped out a polaroid, took pictures of himself "with" the audience (while on stage), and threw the polaroids into the audience. Oh and his fedora too. Awesome showmanship, but the Japanese crowd was a tad too mild. I would love to go to one of HIS concerts.

::She & Him ::

Love Zooey Deschanel and her voice. She's got such classic charm, who can refuse. Sorry M. Ward, you know she steals the show.

:: Regina Spektor ::

I love her voice, love her tunes and catchy lyrics. The album that stole my heart was Songs. Fun songs in that album especially Aching to Pupate and Consequences of Sounds!!!

:: Jack Johnson ::

Picture this - Surfer dude who plays a guitar under the palm tree sitting on the beach in the warm sea breeze. What is there not to love?? This guy has the best job EH-VAH!

And the bucket list continues to list just about any other music festivals i can get my hands on!!!! Someday I will hit Glastonbury. Coachella and Lollapalooza seem much more attainable now!!

Who'd you like to see?


  1. Every band on my bucket list was an old man band, so I had to move fast. You never know when death could creep up on Paul McCartney or Keith Richards!

  2. Oh I definitely have a bucket list! I don't actually have musicians on them though...I might have to add some! The concert sounds fun, glad you snagged some tickets!

  3. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. I love Bjork. You should definitely go see her if ever given the chance!

  5. I'm a Def Leppard fan. Shhh...

  6. Lucky you! You are going to have a most fabulous time at the Dave Matthews concert. I really enjoyed reading about who's on your bucket list and why. I hope you can scratch all those talented musicians off your bucket list over the next few years ... and then add some new ones :)

  7. You have great taste in music Punky! I love the Dave Matthews Band. You are right they can take a song on the scenic route! Love it!

    And Jack Johnson! He has my dream job! lol
    Enjoy your concert and let us know how it was!

    1. thanks Nana Glo!! I'll report back on the DMB concert!! Can't wait!

  8. I'm going to come with you when you finally get to see Bjork! :)

    1. Oh yes! Let's make a date if she ever comes to town!! I saw her last in China, but a mild crowd really kills the atmosphere. I'd love to see her again!!!

  9. Oh wow, I love DMB! I'm so stoked for you! They actually played at Austin City Limits a few years ago but I didn't get to go. I would also love to see Regina Spektor! She's amazing!


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