Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birding: Robins in the yard!


I found this nest in a tiny tree right outside our house one day.

And observed it for awhile to find out it belongs to the robins!

And then about a few weeks later (should have noted how many days had elapsed!)


Look at these little babies! You can only see two in this picture but there are three in the nest! Even though the tree was a small one, J had to lift me off the ground in order for me to peek in. And I just found out it isn't true that the mother will abandon its babies if we touch them. The mother bird recognizes her babies by sight and sound, and not by smell. But that doesn't mean I went and touched them! I kept my respectful distance and watched through my binoculars (every day) as Mama and Papa Robin took turns feeding their little ones with freshly dug worms, fussing and keeping watch over them.

I can't wait to watch them grow and learn to fly!

Meanwhile, I have also 'discovered' a starling's nest in a hole in our roof! It is too way out of reach for me to observe, but i have seen Mama/Papa Starlings flying out of that hole on several occasions and heard tiny chirps coming from the same place! Oh how I wish I could see them too!!

Isn't Mother Nature just amazing!

Happy week ahead! May it be full of growth and nurturing! xx


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  1. What a special experience. We have tons of robins this year, but have not found a nest. I would love to see one just once with my girls. Happy Spring!

  2. Aww, this is adorable! What a happy surprise to find.

  3. How exciting! I love watching all the new babes in the spring. We get to watch to new fawns bound around the neighbourhood. It is adorable:)

  4. Wow, these small baby birds are so cute! Great picture!

  5. oh my gosh! how exciting! they're cuuuute!
    should be interesting to watch them grow up


  6. What an experience. I've never ever seen baby birds. I'm glad papa does the feeding too!


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