Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crafting: Halloween goodies and the Wonders of the Dollar Store!

I wanted to give out some Halloween goodies this year for my friends at work. But i am useless in the kitchen and at baking. So the simple candy crafts will have to do to! And I found these simple ideas on Pinterest! Too cute!

So i went to the Dollar Store and got some:

1) Lollipops and mints
2) White and black plastic table coverings
3) Fuzzy pipecleaners
4) Googly eyes
5) Glue gun

A $5 dollar craft? Hell, yeah!

Cut out squares of plastic table covering. For the spiders i cut out 3"x3" squares, and for the ghosts i cut out 6"x6" squares, and cut all my pipecleaners half in length.


Wrap the plastic squares around the lollipops like so.


I don't even tape them up, I just wrap them tight with the pipecleaners. I use white for the ghosts, and 3 black half-lengths for the spider legs. I made a spider with 8 legs, but it looked too cluttered. The spider looked better with 6 legs, so maybe I'm just going to call them ants.


Use a sharpie to draw on features for the ghosts.

Voila, spiders and ghosts all done!

But waitaminute! There's more! I'd seen these mints at the dollar store and thought if i added some googly eyes on them, maybe i can turn them into bloodshot eyeball candies? So i whipped out my glue gun and stuck eyes on the mints. I'm going to add a sign that says "Have a ball!" *sniggers*


You guys have a ball this weekend! Happy Halloween!!!


  1. those lollipops are sooo cool!! :D Xx

  2. Ok, the mints idea is INGENIOUS!! Hahaha. Happy Halloween!

  3. What a cute idea!!!... and cute blog! :)

  4. Gross, I hate spiders. The peppermint eyes are cool, though.

  5. hahaahahah that last picture.
    I died laughing!!

    I just want to throw this fabulous party so I can have cool decor and candy like this!


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