Friday, October 21, 2011

Russell Residences Part I

Hello friends!!!

Finally got the internet hooked up in our new place! We found out from our neighbor that our house is at least 75 years old!!! He invited us to pick his veggies from his garden any time we want! So sweet! We offered him some long beans from ours but he politely declined because he said he had more than enough vegetables to go around. I hope it's not because he thinks our beans are inferior... :(

So anyway, here are the latest pictorial updates of our home:


I think the color red goes so lovely with dark wood. And I adore the bedroom set that was given to us. Don't you think it's just total old-fashioned cuteness?!!



I found this picture stowed away in one of the closets in the house. So I decided to set it out!



My favorite part of the house, the cosiest by far! The couch, loveseat and coffee table were given to us! It's so vintage!!! J'adore!!!


Check out the size of our fridge minibar. We need to get a fridge this weekend. Halp! We've been getting groceries one day at a time because there's just no room for weekly meals. But we've been doing lots of cooking in the kitchen so that's awesome! The J-man has made fried rice, chicken curry, oyaku-don and baked chicken wings so far and mm-mm home-cooked food is the BOMB!


The craft room is non-existent, this is the only part that is "set-up". My crafting supplies are in this dresser, which J thinks is hideous. I do see the potential in dressing it up. Think lace doilies, a picture frame above it, kitschy knick knacks atop. Alright alright!! I do need the storage space so it's staying! The rest of the room is piled with boxes half unpacked, so i'm not going to show you the mess. Hehe, or maybe I will:



No crafting so far because we don't have a decent table for that. I have crafting withdrawals... *spasms*


Here's Don Vito chilling like a villain in his corner.


The J-man's ONE contribution to dressing up this house. His childhood prized collection -- this glass chess set.

It's almost a home!


  1. ALMOST a home?! I'd say it is definitely a home. You better set up that crafting space pronto!

  2. Nice blog ;D your pictures are good

  3. Yay!!! New home :D Congrats!

    And I love those hardwood floors! So jealous.

    Simply, Melissa Ashley

  4. Congratulations!! I am so happy for your both! Lovely, airy space. I bet your creative energies will soar.

  5. Looking great! I know you are missing the crafting, but I can hear happiness oozing out of every word you write! congratulations, it is a great home!

  6. Your home's lovely. The furniture is very American - huge. I love the dark brown drawers in your bedroom. Altho' once I entered a rosewood furniture shop and immediately had such a terrible migraine that me hubs has forbidden dark furniture in our home. My MIL has very dark furniture. I get a headache when I'm in her home. hahahaha


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