Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to the Russell Residences!

So here's the little house we will be renting


So the bad thing is that the house is unfurnished. I know it usually is, but then the good news is we get to pick out our own stuff! though they will mostly be given or thrifted, but hey! more excuses to go thrifting!

I love the color of the walls in the living area!

This is linked to the kitchen so i'm guessing it's a dining area, but guess what? IT'S GOING TO BE MY CRAFT ROOM (i call first dibs!) even though the J-man doesn't know that yet. We can totally sit on the couch for our meals. D-uh.

What i love about our house (other than the fact that it is OURS) is the amount of sunlight that filters in through the windows. We've been there several times in the day now and the living and dining areas get so much light!!! That just makes me happy.

Did i mention that we have a lil 80 yr old neighbor who has the biggest garden patch?? well, technically that patch is in OUR yard, but he has them all planted out in nice little neat rows, we figured we'll let him take charge. He's also got sacks of sweet potatoes in his back porch. Now, this is ONE guy we need to get to know better. Think of all that wealth of gardening knowledge!!! And we don't want to start off our neighborly relations on the wrong foot by insisting on getting our yard back, do we?

My brain is going crazy with decorating ideas, but before we do any of that, we've got to get some electrical issues sorted out. We tried to start the stove the other day and the kitchen lights came on instead. Err.. hello? So utility glitches aside, we are mighty pleased and way over excited. Here's a little secretary desk i found on Craigslist that I'm hoping to get as a table for my sewing machine (if budget allows).


So what do you think? Will keep y'all posted! Send decor ideas this way please!!


  1. cutest house i've ever seen! well done babe. xx

  2. Love this house! Our living room used to be this color and I loved it! I also used to have my dining room as my craft room and it totally worked, so good idea!

    Love, C

  3. Cuteeee!! N huge!! Can't wait to see the final pieces in place!! You'll do a great job!! Xxx love ya!!

  4. Congrats!! It's adorable. I love the colors and the pretty floors and I hope your little old man neighbor is just the sweetest and not crazy like one of our old lady neighbors.

  5. Your house looks so cute! I can't wait to see pictures when you've updated!

    Cute blog!


  6. congrats! this looks like such a cute house. i'm sure you're over the moon. i hope you'll share some of your thrifted treasures for your new home on your blog!

  7. Yay on your new space!
    I love love decorating. My only advice is stick to your style and always combine it with COMFORT. I hate furniture that is uncomfortable! Haha Don't be afraid to play with colors and there are a bunch of wall decals that I've seen (mostly on etsy) that are bound to make a space pop!

  8. The color of the living room is gorgeous! And with the white next to it, it pops so much :) how exciting.

    xo, Samantha

  9. That is the cutest and coziest house ever! I know you are going to be so happy there. Love the crafting area! Will be waiting to hear more about your adventures there and can't wait to see it after you have everything set up.

  10. Super cute! And I LOVE that wall color too. Congrats on the new place, and I'm already lovin' your craft area. ;)

  11. the rooms all look wonderful!! i love the colors you chose <3

  12. it's so cute!!! and HOORAY for having a crafting room! i'm so jealous (but mostly just excited for you...!)

  13. @karen marie

    thanks!! i'm so excited too! i've never had a proper crafting space, let alone a craft room so... yay!

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  15. awh, congrats on the house! American homes look so nice and clean. I mean, the white cealings and dark wooden floors. sigh. so pretty! x

  16. Very cute! We must see the garden next!

  17. holy moly! what an INCREDIBLE rental--what I wouldn't give to have one like that! we live in a loft with no definitive space, so I crave rooms haha. you're going to have so much fun decorating! have a great night! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}


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