Sunday, October 30, 2011

All things Halloween...

Here's a quick Sunday post:

It was dress up weekend,


plus a pumpkin carving contest at the museum.


All guests are invited to vote for their favorite pumpkin. I'm in team #3!!! We made a house for our hermit crab (based on Eric Carle's book) out of the pumpkin. Isn't it whimsical? And there actually is a LIVE hermit crab living in the pumpkin. Don't worry, it's getting food and water and a warm living environment. And so far we are getting all the girl votes...


while pumpkin #2 is getting all the boy votes with their Monster Pumpkin Strikes Again!


Pumpkin #4 is getting all the Toy Story fan votes


while Pumpin #1 the Dr Seuss fan votes.

I don't know about you, but I think the Woody pumpkin is some serious competition no?

Tallying the results at the end of today. I hope we win!!!


  1. Oh, these are so great! I love the Andy one, so cute! And that's awesome you had a live hermit crab in yours!

  2. Aw, looks like it was such a fun weekend!

  3. Wow, those pumpkins are awesome! I wish I was that creative with mine - I just carved some eyes and a mouth :D

  4. Looks like a good little time!

  5. I remember when Eric Carle was big in my kids' life. I actually like #2. Sorry! Hope you win tho'.

  6. Wow I hope you won! All the pumpkins are great but the hermit crab house is by far the cutest and the most original! Hope you had a great Halloween. I had a total of three spooky visitors!

    Can't wait to see if you won the contest, you have my vote!

  7. ahh haha! i love your pumpkin so much (congrats on winning, by the way!). it looks very magical! ^_^

  8. That place kinda looks like Marbles....


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