Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Suzuki Reno on Suzuki Dr

So J and I found a 2nd car!!!!

I'm happy but also a little disappointed. After all, we were supposed to look for a car for ME! But the sweetest deal we found was a manual transmission (*sheepish* i cannot drive a manual to save my life) so he gets this:

suzuki reno

2007 Suzuki Reno, 88,000miles for $5800!!!

What a steal!

It will look really fierce, especially when we clean it out and give it new rims. But for now, my piggy bank has been cleaned out! I've saved a loooooong time for a car. So no new rims in the near future.

I'm tempted to learn how to drive a stick now that the car is sitting in the garage, although the J-man did stall 4 times going up the hill. Can I really do it?

What's your favorite drive?


  1. you can do it but I am an automatic girl. i think once you learn it's like riding a bike.

  2. yay!! Congrats on the car! Practice practice! I'm like the total opposite of you. I've only ever driven manual cars and I'm not at all comfortable with autos. Plus they don't quite give you that power hehehehehe... Drive stick!!! Oh M and I FINALLY got ourselves a scooter! I'll send you pic via e-mail :-)

  3. Hooray for the new car! I can't drive a manual either, but I know plenty of people who like the manual so you might be a convert. :)


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