Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crafting: Circle Skirt tutorial and more!

I've been busy crafting for a fair in Mooresville in early October. I know it seems like a long time away but i hardly get any time to myself these days. We are preparing for the arrival of J-man's grandma and her boyfriend. They'll be staying with us for a coupla' months. This house will be crazy busy very soon! I think they arrive Sunday. I figured i'd try and get as much done while I still have the house to myself. Which isn't much.



I made myself a circle skirt, tutorial courtesy of Dana from MADE. It was reaaaallll easy to make, up until the last step - to attach the elastic to the skirt. I have had near ZERO experience sewing elastic onto non stretchy fabric, so this was definitely an eye-opener. *eeps*


I also added a lining underneath the skirt, which is essentially making TWO skirts, with the lining shorter than the outer skirt. J tried to take a picture of me twirling in it, you could sorta see the white muslin lining under. But, major picture-taking epic fail.

Now, to wear it and twirl the rest of the summer away!


I made two more tote bags for the fair but i think i need to up my production a little bit more.

I'm considering if i should sign up for a 2nd fair at the end of October. I really have no idea how I'd do in the first. I might end up not selling anything in the first and have enough products for the second fair. Conversely, i might sell some stuff and not have much for the next.

What do you guys think? Considering my slow production rate, should i sign up for TWO fairs in the same month, or take it easy and see how i fare as a first-timer? I know some of you have great experience at markets and fairs, i do need some advice!

Thank you in advance!


  1. his grandma and her boyfriend?? Thats super cute!!

    Love the skirt!! If the fairs are both in your hood, do both!! ;) doesn't hurt to have more stock! Worst case scenario.. Put it on etsy!!

  2. I've never done a fair but they seem really fun and great for business! I would definitely say to give them a try. I bet you will be very successful, and I love the totebag you made!

  3. The skirt is amazing! Love the print!


  4. so cute ! loving the circle skirt- they are so flirty and fun.

  5. I'm really slow at producing my bags so I try not to sign up for too many fairs in a month. 2 a month is my limit. One thing I learnt over the years of selling. You can never have too much stock. Always keep adding to your stock. (even if you go thru' period when nothing sells) If you're really worried about not having enough stock for the 2nd fair, sign up later if it's possible. You must never sell when your stock level is pathetic. Buyers like a large stock to choose from.

  6. Wow the circle skirt is amazing


  7. I love this skirt, it’s so nice, the color combination is perfect and I love the length, so special! Your have a lovely blog and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  8. What a beautiful skirt! I love the fabric you chose and lined as well! Looks beautiful. Whatever you decide, I wish you much success at the fair(s)!


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