Friday, August 10, 2012

World Elephant Day August 12!

Big 5 - Elephant

Friends, August 12 is World Elephant Day!

If you have even a tiny speck of affection for these gentle pachyderms, please help do one of following:

1. Spread the word about World Elephant Day, to increase awareness. A little action goes a long way. Someone might give a little donation, a teacher might introduce it into his / her class some time next week. You never know. Share the link on your Facebook status, tweet about it. Share it on your blog. Just start talking!

2. Don't buy souvenirs made of endangered animal parts. World Elephant Day is by extension bringing awareness and attention to illegal wildlife trade. Why anyone would want an antelope horn or tiger paw eludes me. Go to WWF to find something you can be passionate about. It don't have to be elephants!

3. Buy green products. Like this Elephant Poo Paper!

4. Support the African Elephant Programme. For most of us, the gift of money is the simplest way of showing your support.

5. Here is one more way to help! To show my support, 50% of my sales on Etsy in the month of August will go towards the African Elephant Programme. If you have been thinking about getting something from my Etsy shop, or want a customized item, here is one more reason to buy now!

Disclaimer: I do not look to profit from option #5! I'm just showing my support through this, it's not a shameless plug! :p


  1. Wow I didn't even know there was an Elephant's Day! How could anyone not love these wonderful creatures? I am posting your blog link on my FB page.

    Thanks for stopping by my Etsy shop and making it one of your favorites!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Happy World Elephant Day!I have seen those elephant poo products!

  3. Happy World Elephant Day! Thank you for writing about it. Us..and the elephants.. really appreciate your support in spreading the word!


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