Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Uh-oh. It's the Big 3-0

It's a big year. Goodbye twenty-something, here comes the big THREE-OH.

I'd like to think my birthday begins at dawn on the other side of the world and ends when night descends on this hemisphere this time tomorrow. So technically I get 36 birthday hours.

No bells and whistles.

Just some mid-week quiet time with the J-man.

And for a birthday treat, I get to go to Jason Mraz's concert at the end of August. I've been listening to his newest album Love Is A Four Letter Word

Does anyone else think that the cover of this album is super clever? I don't know if it's just the pre-school teacher in me that marvels at our mind's ability to recognize symbols and translate them into meaningful associations. Just four simple shapes, what do you see?

I'm addicted to this one song, in the Deluxe version of the Love album - I Never Knew You

and here I will share it with you. I CANNOT wait for his concert. I am completely enamoured by this man, his voice, his guitar, his music...

"... Why do we forget things… especially our ex-es or past relationships… why do we forget what they were about and why we left…

... What is it about our humanness… we remember, we forget, I think it's just for the opportunity of enlightenment, the opportunity to awaken again and again and again, 'cause it feels good … to remember our greatness, you know. We wouldn’t be so bright if there wasn’t a shadow every once in awhile…

... This song is about forgetting and remembering... and I realize it’s so that we can achieve enlightenment but then, alas we still have to do our f***in laundry..."


  1. Happy 30-th Birthday! I wish I was 30 one more time but with all the knowledge and experience of 48 year old :) Enjoy every minute of being young and carefree!!!

  2. Happy Birthday. You're soooo young. Enjoy. Oh, and I see LOVA. Because when my kids were young, we used to tell this joke a lot.
    What did one volcano say to another?
    Ans: Do you lar-va me the way I lar-va you?
    And I would say, Yes, I lar-va you the way you lar-va me. Well, now my kids are teens, if I even try this......

  3. Oh, Happy Birthday! It sounds like you have a nice, quiet way to ring in your birthday - those are sometimes the best :) And I do love that album cover - so clever.

  4. It's your birthday???? August is such a big month for birthdays and weddings!
    I might be seeing Jason Mraz this weekend! He is playing on Sunday in Houston. The only trouble is we will be coming home from Dallas for my sister's wedding, so we'll see!

  5. Happy birthday! I think your 30s will be wonderful.

  6. happy birthday! and haven't you heard? 30 is the new 20! Enjoy the concert!

  7. Happy 30 B day. such a great time of life. Mary

  8. Happy birthday! It took me a moment to see it, but that album cover truely spells "Love"! We saw this at psychology last year. I remember because we had to go through a 100 slides long power point full of deceiving images. I hope you have a great time at the concert later this month! xo Nikki


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