Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You've got mail!

Phew, what a long absence, although I do enjoy my time away from the computer! I sit in front of the computer all day at work and the last thing i want to do when I get home, is to sit in front of it again!

Here's what's been going on in my long absence. Remember I told you I signed up for Postcrossing? I get fun cards in the mail, and it makes me feel like I've traveled a little, by association, anyway. Well, for every postcard I send out, I get one in return!

My first Postcrossing card was from Sicily, Italy!

And then I received another, all the way from the West Coast, from sunny ol' California.

My most recent card came from Belarus! How exciting! I wonder if the postcard was a photograph-turned-postcard. What a neat idea! I'm struggling to find places to buy postcards. I bought my first set off Amazon because I couldn't find any in the stores!

But here's one from a Postcrossing buddy I found on Instagram! This one's a keeper!

This one is from my buddy, who was visiting New York City and decided to drop me a note. She saw this postcard and remembered how much I love fairies.

Finally, here is my favorite, because it was hand drawn by my friend in Singapore. He loves doodling and illustrating cartoons that remind me of "The Far Side Gallery". I think he's super talented!

I just sent out two more, so there'll be two more postcards coming my way! Can't wait!

Now on to catch up on all your blogs!


  1. Oh, I completely know what you mean about being on the computer all day!! All of these postcards are so beautiful though, it must be so fun to get them from all over the world :)

  2. how lovely! my brother and i used to collect stamps as little kids and had them from all over the world. i think my brother still has the stamp book collection!

  3. Some of the postcards look like art! Some time ago I bought a set of blanks post card intending to draw on them. They're still sitting in the drawer. My ambition is no match for my laziness!

  4. Beautiful postcards! What a fun idea to exchange postcards with people from all over the world. I've got an Instagram account: oksanai1
    Hope to "see" you there too!

  5. Yay!! Those postcards look pretty~ :D Glad you have finally joined Postcrossing! :D

  6. Awesome! The most exciting mail I get these days is a Netflix DVD and the Joanns sale paper.


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