Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

What are you plans for this weekend? I hope all my American friends get a nice long weekend even though Independence Day falls on a Thursday. Me? I have to work Friday, so I'm going to make the best of my Wednesday night and all of Thursday. My holiday weekend started out perfect -- I come home to sunflowers!!!

Most of them look like this, but I have three sunflowers in full bloom! 
Just waiting for those finches to come feed on them! *birding heaven*

Happy first birthday my 4th of July puppy! Your mama and papa love you to the moon and back!

Today is also very special for another reason. This is the day my puppy turns the big ONE! 
We had plans for a grill out at one of our friends'. She is the owner of Scuffy's brother, Buddy. 
But she had a last minute trip to Florida, so we're watching Buddy instead! This afternoon, we're heading out to one of the biggest dog park in Charlotte to meet up with Scuffy and Buddy's other brother, Beckham! It's a dog playdate birthday party!!!

I can't believe how much Scuffy has grown. I know it sounds silly, but I never thought i was capable of raising this little munchkin from 8 weeks to now! What with all the potty trainings and spankings and snuggling and cuddling, this little baby stole my heart completely!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and beautiful weekend! 
We're off to the pet store to get some birthday treats for the puppies!


  1. Happy 4th of July to you too! Your holiday plans sound great! Have fun with your "birthday boy" :)

  2. Happy Independence Day and happy birthday Scuffy!!! the first year of puppyhood has passed! it is the most difficult!

    1. Indeed! The most terrible year of puppyhood is done, and I have passed the doggy-parenting test! Now we're thinking of getting another dog for Scuffy, seeing how he is so protective over our two bearded dragons. He is ready to be a big brother!

  3. How adorable. A very happy birthday to your pup!

  4. How cute! I've never really been to a puppy party! Will you blog about it though? :P Your baby is adorable, really. I wanna cuddle up! :P

    1. I'll try to blog about it! I didn't take any photos just cause the three of them were busy running around socializing! They had no time to stop for photos!!

  5. Happy 4th and also happy 1st to your puppy! :)

  6. i adores your puppy!



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