Friday, January 28, 2011

Mycology 101

On this lovely sunny Friday, we went a-mushroom picking!

Mushroom picking is tedious tedious work. You walk slow, crouch so close to the ground, and squint your eyes so hard you see double and feel lightheaded. Never go after a meal. I had the pleasure of hunting before and after lunch and I must say, the discomfort increases with food swimming around in your tummy.

Unfortunately, I think we started out too late in the day. All the animals must have foraged and had their fill. We found a few mushrooms half eaten... But all the mushroom/fungi we found, we put in separate ziplock bags and then placed them in an insulated lunch bag filled with ice. When we got home, J took out the his mushroom/fungi encyclopedia we got from the library and tried to identify them (to not much success). And then the J-man wrapped our specimens in aluminium foil to take 'spore prints' -- collecting the spores.




The J-man tried to proclaim a few of them edible, "Hey! This one smells just like a mushroom!"
err... NO??!!!
I had equally protested vehemently. This is one hobby that can go horribly horribly wrong.

But I can't wait for spring to get here! The weather has been too cold for anything good to sprout. We need more sunshine and warmth! And some more dried deer/cow poop.


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