Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Of Wildflowers and Road Kills...


I went for an interview today at Walmart's. Got called up for a cashier position (yipee!) even though it's a part time thing. It beats sitting around at home doing nothing. I suppose I landed the job because I went for the drug test and all. I mean I just went through one round of background checks and tests and they all came out good, I don't suppose it'll be any different this time around. I hope i get sane hours.

And then, because I got my learner's permit ID card thingy, i can now apply for a library card!!! So we drove over to the public library and this excited little bunny here pored through shelves and shelves of crafting books and fairy tales. Picked up a patchwork book because that's one project I can start on without a sewing machine, and I only need the most basic sewing equipment (scraps of fabric, needles and thread) to begin!

Also wanted to take a break from all that job hunting so picked out a book of Grimms' fairy tales to daydream a little and some Greek mythology to reminisce about TSD times. So excited about my library card!!!

As we were approaching our driveway, our car ran over something brown and furry lying in the middle of the road. The J-man thought it was a baby coyote so after we parked our car in the garage, we raced back up the hill to see what it was. But not before I picked a few wildflowers along the way!

It wasn't a baby coyote, it was a poor bunny rabbit!! *sob* The blood on the ground was still red, but rigor mortis had set in so the rabbit was stiff, its head smashed out of shape and its hind legs broken. I know that only because J picked it up and laid it by the side of the road, on the grass. I laid a few of my flowers on the poor rabbit and quietly apologized on behalf of the ass who knocked it over.

That made the total count of road kill up to THREE today. And we were only out for a couple of hours! We also saw a dead fox and deer on the interstate. Ay...poor sods.

In an effort to turn this into a cheery post once more, here is a picture of one furry (and ALIVE!) creature in our backyard...

Presenting the sneaky Squirrely!


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