Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving

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1. My family and friends are well and healthy.

2. I have a loving husband who drives me to and from work, and prepares lunches for me to take.
One day it was lasagne, and another it was stuffed peppers. Yummeh!

3. I have a job and I am getting better at it with each day.

And just the other day I got the sweetest compliment from a customer who actually bothered to call back to let the management know how much she enjoyed checking out at my line. And with every customer i serve I get the sense of satisfaction that I was fast and efficient in my transaction, and that I was probably the politest thing they encountered that day.
One kid peeped over the plastic bag dispenser and exclaimed, "Wow mom, she's fast!"

4. People (family, friends and strangers alike) have been very patient and kind to me.

I have gotten many calls and messages from people regarding jobs they seen or heard about, in hopes that I may find one soon-- I got the Walmart job through J's aunt's sister. Also, every time i make a mistake at the cash register, customers never got mad, instead they go, "oh honey, you're doing fine". Many people also drop a line of encouragement or two before they leave.

5. If you're patient enough, good things will come.

I landed a second interview with the children's museum -- Discovery Place Kids. I didn't get through the first round, but a week ago they called me in for a second interview because they needed more people. Even though I haven't officially got the job because I'm in the process of doing a background check (who knows how long these darn things take??!!) I'm pretty sure by December I will be working there, on a more regular schedule.

And then there's the occasional babysitting stint for the family that I met.

And to date I've gotten 3 more responses to my babysitting ads. It's like when it rains, it pours. I had to reject them all though, until i know for sure what my museum schedule is like.

pumpkin pie
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6. My first proper Thanksgiving this year, complete with pecan pie and deep fried turkey. Can't wait.

7. Christmas is around the corner!

I was told to make a list or get christmas money. I was going to go for the money, but after i heard what the amount was, I knew I would be too embarrassed to accept. So i painstakingly drew up a list of items that were well under the amount. I'll still get what I want, but people won't have to spend too much on me!

8. J is starting school soon in January and luckily the school fees are quite affordable.

9. I have a roof over my head and the only bill I'm paying is my phone bill.

10. I've had a blessed life thus far!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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