Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kindle Bueno!

Hello friends,

Let's do a little survey in this post - the good ol' fashioned paperback vs the electronic readers.

I was pretty resistant to e-readers in the beginning, preferring to leaf through a book, owning actual copies, collecting books with pretty and/or vintage covers.

But then, I got a Kindle for my birthday this year.

And i'm slowly falling in love!

Can i just be a nerd in this post and list the pros and cons, the book vs the ereader?



1. I hoard books! I sometimes buy books for their beautiful covers. Like the pretty Penguin Clothbound Classics I've been drooling over...


2. I dream to one day own a little library. As a kid, I watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and always wished to have one of my own, complete with the gliding ladder.


3. I love the feel of a book in hand - the weight, turning pages, using a bookmark!


4. Going to the library! Well, if i can't own one, i go to one! Or a used book store!

But then the Kindle came into the picture and...

1. It's so light!! Gone are the days when my wrist gets tired holding thick book spines.

2. It holds a gazillion books! No more difficult decisions about which books to stuff in my carry-on, to bring on a short weekend getaway, on a picnic. I download a few books and then read whatever catches my fancy at the moment!

3. I know that buying e-books can be just as expensive (it's only a few dollars cheaper than an actual copy), but I can still borrow from my local library!! I don't go to the library anymore, but I loan from their digital collection. So it's free, and I can borrow and return books without having to step out of my house!

4. You can also download a myriad of apps, play games, listen to music, get on the internet. Although it's pretty simple for me, all I need are my books and Words with Friends. LOL.

So before you think I'm going over to the dark side, what matters most is that I'm still reading! I love my books, but now I love my Kindle more!


  1. Your points about paperbacks remind me so much of myself. I just feel like there is some kind of magic in a bound book, it's paper and spine allude to all of the people who loved it before me and all of those who will love it yet.

  2. I have bad eyes so I have to stick to good ole books. Somehow the glare from screens make my eyes tired. The library doubles your loan quota during school holidays!

  3. I love paper books- but when traveling I do the electronic or if I can't wait and need to read a certain book I read electronic.. :) Yah for books!

  4. I'm still an old school book kinda gal!! But the title of this post made me giggle!! ;)

  5. My rule is to buy books I love (like books about the Beatles and craft books) and save the rest for the Kindle. I got a Kindle for Christmas last year and the whole library thing really won me over, especially because my library doesn't have an overnight drop and closes before I get home from work.

  6. I've always felt like I'd miss turning the pages of a real book if I had a Kindle. My sister loves her kindle though. I think I might look into getting a Kindle, but still purchase books if I really love them.

  7. i don't own a reader, but i love reading actual books. however, when it comes to travel, i can see why readers would be better. plus, i always buy my books at used stores, so they are super can't get them that cheap online!

    1. i know! i love going to used book stores and find really old editions of my favorite classics. i would never give up buying books, e-readers are just more practical, especially when J and I move quite a bit. when we finally settle and buy a house (my dream) i will build a library!

  8. There is something about reading (and smelling!) an actual book that can never be replaced for me. That being said, I think the biggest pro of e-readers is that it saves so much paper!

  9. I love all the perks of the kindle, but I still can't get past holding the actual book and pages in my hands. they both have their perks, I guess :)


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