Monday, September 10, 2012

Long haul flight to Singapore

Every time i fly home, I tell myself, never again.

But of course, year after year I buy myself a ticket, and brace for the worst.

Wanna see the itinerary?

Charlotte --> Houston (2 hr 41 min)

Houston --> Moscow (11hr 30 min)

Moscow --> Singapore (10 hr 25 min)

Total distance: 12,065 miles
Total duration: 24hr 36min (28hr 39min with connections)

Before I can even get over the initial jet lag, my two weeks will be up, and there I go again. Back to Charlotte on that nightmarish flight schedule. Why on earth did I move halfway across the world?!!

One major plus point this time is that I am travelling on Singapore Airlines. I don't know if you've had the opportunity to be on this airline, but I'm proud to say it is one of the best, for the following reasons:

1. The Singlish (Singapore English) spoken by the cabin crew make me immediately feel at home. I converse with equally spirited Singlish.

2. Every time I wake from my sleep, it's meal time! They don't give you a chance to feel hungry.

3. Their ultra long complimentary drinks list, ranging from scotch to riesling to Singapore slings. I don't need no sleeping pills, just bring me 5 Bloody Marys and i'll sleep like a baby, I promise.

4. Awesome inflight entertainment -- I watched 2 movies, 2 documentaries and created my own playlist which included Regina Spektor! Who?

Except that i think I broke my inflight entertainment from pushing the buttons too much. Then I was reduced to reading on my Kindle, and having depleted my battery 10 hours later, I contemplated on demanding an upgrade to business class. But I didn't think they'd buy it, so I weighed my options and settled on subjecting myself to heavy drinking (which I don't mind one bit!) It was La-la-land, pretty much after!

P.S. I'm typing this in the dead of the night, just because jet lag is unforgiving.

Sweet dreams, my friends.


  1. Oh dear, I absolutely hate long haul flights, each time I fly to Australia, I say never again too! Safe travels!

  2. Wow it was a long enough flight flying Heathrow to Detroit - was a great chance to watch films though ended up watching two and listening to a load of music and had three meals. They certainly feed you!

  3. Let me get this straight. You have to go from US to Russia before you can get to Singapore. Interesting. I once survived a 6hr flight to I forget where. I'm a terrible person to fly with. I talk very loudly. I flew SIA once. I kept inhaling every time the stewardess walked past because they smelled so good.

  4. That has got to be the longest flight list I've ever heard - I'm exhausted just thinking about it! Glad to know that Singapore Airlines is a comfortable flight. I hope you have safe travels!

  5. yeesh...that is a rough schedule! I studied in South Korea during college, and I remember having the worst jet lag...but at least I had time to adjust and recover! goodness, girl!

  6. I hope you've made it safely to Singapore by now! The next time you book a flight through Houston, let me know if you have a layover! I'll come hang with you at the airport! And did I read that correctly? Complimentary alcohol? I would fly to Singapore just for the experience!!!

    Also, I wont lie. The inflight entertainment on my international flights was one of the highlights of my Paris trip! Ha!


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