Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrations : My sister's wedding


This is the reason I went home. My little sister is all grown up! Check out her lovely cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress typically worn during Chinese weddings. The dress belongs to my mother, who wore it to her wedding! Best of all, my sister didn't have to alter anything , it was a perfect fit! Amazing, right?


Here is one of my favorite bits of Chinese weddings : the suckling pig. It is one of the groom's gifts to the bride. This, and the gatecrashing in the morning, before the tea ceremony. The groom has to overcome a series of obstacles / games before he can enter the bride's home to pick her up. My sister and her bridesmaids were very lenient towards the groom and his groomsmen. They only played ONE game - the groom and his groomsmen had to drink glasses of (really sour) lemonade, before the girls would open gate to let the guys in.


Not that easy, as it would seem...


Here is another picture of the lovely couple.

Congrats, my little sis! May you two share a blissful blessed life together!


  1. I don't eat meat but that pig still looks awesome. It reminds me of how at new year my Auntie always orders the whole fish for everyone to eat. Your sister and her husband look so happy. Glad you had fun!

  2. Aww, super-sweet! I love that your sister wore your mum's dress. It looks STUNNING! xx


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