Thursday, January 10, 2013

Family : Three times the fun

chui sisters

Dear Mei Mei-s (sisters in Mandarin)

Happy birthday!

Thank you for being such a bother when we were growing up, although you know I love you still. In a blink of an eye you're in your mid-twenties. UN-Believable. Too fast.

Now one is married, you all have steady jobs and great lives. Couldn't ask for more.

In my mind, you'll always be the baby sisters I remember in my mind. I still think you were the cutest before you turned three. :p On the day you were born, I could hardly fathom the thought of sharing Daddy and Mommy with not one, not two, but THREE new sisters. I had to resort to asking around, see if anyone was interested in some new babies, because I had several to give away. Nope, no such luck.

But just as well.

I got an iPhone for Christmas (yea, i think some people were just getting sick of how technologically un-savvy I was becoming). So I downloaded the WhatsApp and went ballistic texting my sisters (for FREE! how is that possible??) My sisters were amused at my enthusiasm, nevertheless, we were communicating more than ever before. Thank you Steve Jobs.

I hope you all had a blast! J, Scuffy and I send our love, and we hope to see you soon!!


  1. Aiyo, so sweet. I shall call you 4 SiMei. I was the second youngest in a family of 9. I was bullied and often forgotten.

  2. Aww, what a beautiful post! That photo is lovely :)

  3. awwww happy birthday to all of them! I still can't believe you have three meimeis and I didn't even get my childhood dream of having one! we needed to be friends earlier!!

  4. how fun that you can stay so connected to them now! technology is amazing :)

  5. you guys are all so cute! What a fun family!


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