Monday, October 4, 2010

Make more out of life

Say YES.

I feel like I'm becoming the YES man (remember the Jim Carrey movie?) So in a bid to live up to my promise to  to plan my day productively, I agreed to go watch John and Jackie's soccer matches at 8am on a Saturday morning. Which was just as well, knowing that the J-man would still be away at the campsite till late afternoon. 

I was glad I went because it was fun to be outdoors under the morning sun! The weather has started to cool and that morning, it went down to about 18 deg C. Jackie was in the U-8 division and it was good to see petite little girls with their shining blond hair run after a soccer ball, without contempt for the grass mildly wet with dew. Some of them were so small their jerseys hung oversized on their tiny frames. In another game, a little boy by the name of James was relegated to the position of goalie. The 4 year old (looking more like a 2.5yo) covered such an inconsequential spot in front of the goal post, he couldn't stop his opponents from scoring. Even so, the way he kept trying made me go "Awww" and all soft inside.

John's team in the U-10 division, was unbeatable. They scored a total of 9 goals against the opponent, who only managed one. It was a more exciting game as the players were older and quicker on their feet. But what really made my day was when John and Jackie's dad came up to me and said that the children were really glad to see me at their games. 


the Merrill champion soccer duo!

In the late afternoon, while I was all cosy on the couch on my computer, J, his brother and dad decided to go golfing. J tried to get to me come along but I wasn't quite keen on the sport. But again, I agreed just so I could check it out, and maybe decide I would like it after all! For don't they say, "Don't knock it till you've tried it?" The day was fabulous with blue blue skies, and because it was late afternoon, it was much warmer and not at all humid! We drove to Fox Den Country Club which was just 5minutes away(!!) and while the boys were registering to play, I decided I was just going to be part-observer-part-caddie today. The best part was actually driving the golf cart around the course. I was gunning the cart around like a maniac (although they do have a speed limit on their carts) and even daydreamed about getting a job as a caddie. J wasn't as good as he was on his PS3 Hot Shot Golf game but he got the hang of it at the 7th hole. We couldn't finish all 9 holes because there was a pile-up at the 8th and since Jeremy had to leave for Charlotte in an hour, we turned around and headed for home. It was a bummer especially when I was having so much fun. Who would've thought?!!!


Some golf-karting fun!

So the lesson of the day (and perhaps for life) is to say YES, with a sensible dosage of discretion, and maybe life can just be a little more wonderful.

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